Insect Trap & Insect Killers

Maintain a clean and sanitary workspace with our reliable and cost effective insect traps. Dependable Powerline products will help to keep your kitchen running at peak efficiency.


Insect Trap & Insect Killers
Insect Trap
Insect Trap

Insect traps are both efficient and elegant. Equipped with adhesive papers soaked in insect attracting pheromones, they kill insects silently and discreetly. Adhesive papers are easily replaceable. Excellent range and energy saving; can be ceiling hung or wall mounted. STANDARD FEATURES: -25-30 watts of power -60m squared to 160m squared if catching area -Paper dimmensions arriving at 265mm x 220mm (10.43" x 8.66") and 450mm x 370mm (17.72" x 14.57")

Download PDFInsect Trap, Model: PFC-260
Download PDFInsect Trap, Model: PFC-490
Insect Killers
Insect Killers

Insect killers are an effective and safe way to fight off annoying insects. With a stainless steal body and highly durable components, they are not only sturdy and reliable but also easy to clean. STANDARD FEATURES: -Power of 65 watts -100m squared to 125m squared of catching area -180-360 degrees of attraction radius -Actinic light tubes at 2 x 15W

Download PDFInsect Killer, Model: PFK-485W
Download PDFInsect Killer, Model: PFK-485C

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